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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thing 28: Customized Home Pages

In our last round, I set up homepages in Yahoo and Google (top and middle). Yesterday, I changed my Yahoo page a bit by making my color lavender and adding a Flickr widget that shows off my pictures (note the tiny little wedding photo in the top left corner).

Moving on, I went back to Google and made a few little updates. I remember that this was a lot more fun to set up than the Yahoo page, with many more choices, and loads more widgets/gadgets.

After the touch ups, I opened a brand new PageFlakes page, which is far and away my favorite. It had the best background choices for me and I my pink floral pattern. Then I went crazy adding widgets, including ones for Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, and Delicious. I also put in ones just for fun such as Bakerella baking blog, virtual Fish pond (you choose the fishes' colors) and Librarian Mom's blog. next, I set up my profile, then went looking for pagecasts and people. I kept 2 pagecasts tabbed, one on Steampunk (Chock Full O' Steam), and one by a librarian with all kinds of great booklinks (Book Clicks by Leanne). I chose a few librarians and marked them as favorite people, but I see no sign of this anywhere.

I do need to say that when I was trying to view pagecasts, the site froze up on me and I had to close the program a few times. This was irritating, but searching Pageflakes was enjoyable enough that it didn't permanently put me off.

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