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"Everything puts me in mind of a story." Ben Franklin

Monday, February 23, 2009

Thing 27:Twitter

I love cupcakes! Twitter cupcake from http://www.tempyra.com/
I made a Twitter account in Round 1, but I haven't put it to any use since then. I have a Facebook page, and it has a built in Twitter (if you still call it that), so I use that instead. In truth, I don't even update that much because I never know what to say. I just don't lead such an exciting life.
Today I visited my Twitter account, and I began to follow others in the library and book world. I'm now following 15 people and groups including author Holly Black, YALSA, Harper Teen and interesting librarians such as your friend and mine Floating Lush. I have one follower. Yeah for my follower!
I picked out a cute yellow and pink background from Twitbacks to glamorize my Twitter page and added a Tweet about the book I'm currently reading. I also added a widget to this blog. More as things happen.
As of 2/27 I have 4 followers and have made 7 updates. :)

Visit me at http://twitter.com/cleery and follow me!

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