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Monday, February 9, 2009

Thing 24: Refresh Your Blog

As you can tell by looking at my original blog (click link in the post below), my blog look has drastically changed. I've gone from a brown & parchment style design to my favorite color and lots of it. I previously used a Yahoo avatar and I changed this to a photo of myself. I will be changing the photo again soon. Unless I'm missing something, the information that you reveal about yourself and photo avatar that you choose in Blogger shows on all of your Blogger blogs. I wish that wasn't so, because I'd prefer to reveal only professionally relevant details about myself to the library world, but sillier and more individual things to those that want to to read about me rather than librarian me. See? Conversely, I don't want to put my unusual name up where anyone can read it, so I'm not going to. If it was to my library peers only, I would.

Even though I won't use an avatar doll as the blog avatar, I thought that I'd play with the suggested choices:
  1. Otaku Avatar Maker worked fine, but it's not my style.
  2. Meez shut down in the middle, and made my window close, but it was fun and I may go back and try it again.
  3. Pimp My Doll won't display the page.
  4. Dopple Me worked fine. Cute, but...
  5. Horoscope Avatar Maker: see above. She has a rabbit on her head because I was born in 1963 ( the year of..guess what?). I like her.
  6. The Doll Palace was a little confusing to use, and those dolls are just too darn skinny!
  7. Mess Dudes seemed easy. Not my favorite pictures, though.
  8. Doll Maker Code on first inspection, this is over my head.
  9. Aim Icon Maker easy to use, but I hate the pictures!

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