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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thing 25: Blogger's Toolkit

Due to advice in Thing 25, I've added a focus statement at the top of my blog telling people what it is about and a "Contact Me" widget (from http://www.contactify.com/ ), so people can reach me without adding a public comment. I've also put in a widget from http://www.clustrmaps.com/ showing a map of my reader's locations. The map is especially exciting! I love to see that I have readers at all, and their origins are just the icing (an inch think and delicious). Hopefully, the new "Labels" list will help folks find their way around more easily, as it lists my topics by the amount I've written about them.

I watched the videos on widgets by Robin Good's Master New Media and am reminding myself to go to Widget Box, Google Gadgets, and Blinkx and to maybe put in a wikipedia widget.

This Thing has a lot of possibilities. I could spend days on this one!

More to come.

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