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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thing 35; part 2

Russian Folk Tale illustration from the Vintage Children's Book pool on Flickr, courtesy of http://www.flickr.com/photos/lenivec/

Audio Book

How cool is it that you can volunteer for Librivox ? They provide free audio books from the public domain. They currently have 1325 works of fiction both for adults and youth, and that is the only category that I searched. To volunteer, "All you need is your voice, some free software, your computer, and maybe an inexpensive microphone". How nice would it be to help others out by reading?

Book Swaps

Swap Tree has me jittery with excitement! You can trade books, music and DVDs. You just make a list of things you want and things that you have. I would like to try it eventually, and I will report back on this blog.


I don't have any books I want to send out at present, but I'll keep you posted.

Book Reviews

Book Browse : When I saw Laurie Halse Anderson's Wintergirls as one of the week's featured hardcovers, it immediately made me trust this site. You can browse and search through teen and children's books alone. You can search by setting, time period, and themes. That much alone made me want to join. but there is a fee (29.95 for a year) and I am cheap and fairly well informed due to all these other options. The only site I pay for is LibraryThing. Apparently, libraries can subscribe and then patrons can use it, but our system doesn't subscribe.

The One Minute Critic! looks like a fun blog to browse. In fact, I added it to my Blog list (see and visit it below). Quickie videos review books and audio books. Spoiler alerts are given. A variety of books are reviewed. It's free! What's not to like?

Children's Books

Clearly a favorite topic of mine.

Vintage Children's Books on Flickr is something I've played with before this Thing. Gorgeous old book illustrations (Folktales, classics) and nostalgia (Little Golden Books, Dick and Jane). Love it! Any Flickr member can join the group and add to the pool.

Lookybook, which was a recommended resource, has closed due to lack of funds. When I tried Storyline, I received a message that the page can't be found :(

Just One More Book has podcast reviews of books and author interviews. I like this one too, and I've added it to my bloglist below. A selling point for me was a new interview with Leslea' Newman, author of Heather Has Two Mommies and numerous other books for children and adults. I'm a fan of her adult story collections like A Letter to Harvey Milk, Out of the Closet and Nothing to Wear and The Femme Mystique, a number of true stories that were very personally important for me. Go Leslea'!

Tonight's Bedtime Story is of great interest to me, because they have 79 classic fairy tales on PDF. I was skeptical about the illustrations, but they are by such masters as Arthur Rackham, Walter Crane and Gustav Dore. Also, they offer computer wallpaper of some of their tales!

Book Rental

Book Swim rents paperbacks, hardcovers, and textbooks, apparently in a manner similar to Netflix. I doubt I'll need that service (as I work in a library, for crying out loud), but I can definitely see how patrons might be interested in textbook rental.


I added the book application Great Children's Books, which allows you to send covers of classic children's books to your friends. I sent Anne of Green Gables to my great friend Carol Has Her Nose in a Book.

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