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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thing 34: Online Answer Sites

I have little experience with Online Answer sites before this Thing. I have run across Yahoo!Answers when doing general surfing, but that is about it. So first I read
The Future of the Reference Desk, That Thing You Do, and a bit of Librarian 2.0: Interviews of the Future of Librarians.

Next, here are the sites I looked at:


I didn't look at Folkstown, which is down for maintenance. All of these seemed browseable except for Snappy Fingers, which requires a query in the search box. I have to say that these are appealing. I was interested to see the questions and answers.

So, why would someone prefer to ask a stranger, possibly unqualified, to answer a question for them rather than to contact a librarian who can answer them with authority and reliable material? Based on what I've read and seen, here's what I think:

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