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"Everything puts me in mind of a story." Ben Franklin

Monday, March 9, 2009

Still Twittering

I just used the Twitter Status Generator and it gave me: "Gloomily incensed and considering the implications of slander." I have to admit that I like it. Twittering may not be my tool. I don't have any photos or music that I want to share ( I don't know how to burn songs) and I don't want to get updates on my cell phone!

So, two days ago, I signed up to be included in the Librarians Directory in the Tweeters Directory. It didn't seem like it went through and it said that you had a certain amount of time to edit your entry, so I changed it a bit and figured that I'd add a picture later. Today I looked and I am in the directory, which is nice, but I'm in it twice and I see no way to remove the extra listing or add a photo now. Sigh.

I've also started to follow Mr. Tweet , so we'll see what comes of that.

3/13: I got a direct message from Mr. Tweet with 200 recommendations of interesting people. I enjoyed that, and started following about 10 more people. Mostly authors.

I tried to look at the Twilert page for tracking, but got a message that the page can't be displayed. Looked into Twitter Packs, which was easy to browse, but I found nothing new for me. Am unimpressed with Tweet Scan. I set up keywords on Twitterel: teen librarian, teen book, steampunk, books and library. I suspect that these are too general.

My best results came from just following people my "friends" follow. I was able to find a number of amazing teen authors that way. So, that is satisfying.

But, now I'm Twittered out!


Andrea said...

I had the same problem with the twitter directory... oops! Do you know if they ever caught it and removed your duplication?

Donell said...

I checked it today and I'm still on it twice. I was going to go back and add a photo, but now I don't see how I can. Thanks for commenting!

Lydia Schultz said...

I had Twilert email me results once a week (about what I could stand!) and it seems to be working well.

Love the colors of your blog--and I'm looking at your teen book choices to see if there are some good ones for my middle school students.