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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thing 33: Travel 2.0

Yummy meringues from My Kugelhopf

Travel Blogs and Podcasts:

Going through the list of suggested sites, I find the ones that interest me most are: The Lost Girls, My Kugelhopf and Tips from the T-list .

Beginning with My Kugelhopf:

the blogger, Kerrin Rousset, says she has "a sweet tooth the size of China". This woman is already my friend. :) Forget any other credentials she has, she likes sweets! Trust is developed and I read on. Okay, she has lots of other credentials and what sounds like a very interesting life. Additionally, this book has both beautiful photographs and recipes! It gains admission to the blog list on my personal blog. This is one that I want to browse at my leisure.

The Lost Girls:

Very cool. Extremely well organized. Although the places that they visited aren't at the top of my list now, that doesn't stop the blog from interesting me. I like the way they give practical information about what they packed, how they afforded the trip (for a year!) and how they left their jobs to do so. It's also fun to skim travel topics such as animals, funniest moments and sex!

Tips From the T-List:

Apparently, 158 bloggers contribute to this. This seems like more of a blog to browse than to find specific information on say, Scotland. Looking under General Travel, I find articles like All you need for a Vegas Vacation, New Right whale video - winter mating & feeding and 6 Tips for Traveling by Cab in a Foreign City . These are interesting to me, but pretty random. I am not a particular travel log fan. I'd pretty much only read a travel site to find information for a place I was going to visit. So, I probably won't use this one again.

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