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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thing 30: More ways to use RSS and Delicious


Because Delicious is something that I actually use, I began this exercise with it. I find it a handy place to store sites that I want to return to in the future. I used the search tips in this Thing to find and add more bookmarks, but there was not a topic narrow enough or a person with specific enough bookmarks that I wanted to subscribe to them. However, I began a tiny Network with one other librarian, added a button to this blog and embedded a badge and added a Tagroll in my personal blog. I have only used Delicious for bookmarking before this, so no other insights at this time.


I have to admit that I haven't looked at my RSS feeds since Round 1. When I signed in to my Google Reader I had an alarming 451 items. Wow! Overwhelming. I chopped my subscriptions down to 8. It's probably still too much.
I read the article
Seven Tips for Making the Most of Your RSS Reader and I figure that I've got the oversubscribe part down.

I just set up an account at http://www.feedrinse.com/ and at first attempt it seems more trouble than it's worth to me. When I enter the subscription URL and click the Import button, it takes me back to the "Let's Get Started" screen. After several more tries, I can't make this work. Doubtless it's me and not the tool, but I'm giving up on this.

Next, I looked at my Microsoft feeds. I have 6 on this, including "Booklust with Nancy Pearl," "HarperTeen Podcast" and "LibraryLoft Podcasts." As suggested in this Thing, I added rssWeather.com and Traffic.com , to give me local weather and traffic reports.

I don't see a bright future with me and RSS feeds, but I do appreciate my Delicious.

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