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"Everything puts me in mind of a story." Ben Franklin

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thing 21: Free -for -all

Two apps that I find useful in my day to day life are Pill Monitor and Meditation Timer. These are admittedly not thrilling, but they are very helpful.

Pill Monitor Free Medication Reminder from Maxwell Software lets you enter the meds that you are taking and allows you to set reminder alarms. So, when it's time to take my pills, little birds begin to sing. It will also keep a history of  up to fifty entries for you.

Meditation Timer Free from Maxwell Software simply allows you to set a gentle timer for your meditation sessions. You can enter your preparation time, start chime, interval chime and an end alert. For these, you can hear either a bell, a singing bowl or Tingshas. They also show various soothing images on your phone, but since I close my eyes during meditation, it's pearls before swine. :)

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