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Friday, May 16, 2014

Thing 20: Games

Frogger Free:

"You know you remember Frogger. Okay, maybe you’re too young (or too old?) to remember Frogger, but it’s a very fun game where you have to help the frog cross the street so he doesn’t get killed by a car. This was a very popular arcade game years ago and now you can play it on your mobile device."

I am the right age to remember this game. Then: It had a catchy theme song (which I didn't hear this time around) and I liked it because it was about a frog rather than invaders from space. Also, I was terrible at it. Now: I appear to be somewhat better, probably because I can use my finger to move the frog rather than a button or joystick. I played this in the classic and current view, but the app kept crashing.

Bubble Mania:

"If you think Candy Crush is addictive, try Bubble Mania. The baby kittens have been stolen and you need to get them back by matching bubbles. Match bubbles of the same color to drop them and get to the kittens. There are over 150 levels and they become more difficult with a variety of different types of bubbles the higher you get."

You had me at "kittens." Okay, they are some creepy looking cats, but if you just forget what they're supposed to be and accept them as kinda cute cartoon animals, all will be well. I played up to level 7. This is a maybe.

Word Collapse:

"Each puzzle in WordCollapse contains a number of words on a theme, such as fruits, sports or animals. All letters are mixed and you find a word and swipe it. The tiles disappear and the remaining tiles collapse into new words. The tricky bit is to remove the words in the correct order so you clear the board and complete the level. 70 levels, more via in-app purchase. Languages: English, Español, Italiano, Português, Français, Deutsch, Nederlands, Svenska, Norsk, Dansk, Suomi."

This was okay. Unlike other games I can play on autopilot, I did have to think a bit to do this. I played "20 Proverbs" and some of "Song Quotes, Free." I don't like how after every level a "Earn 15 free hints" type ad comes up. The game was fine, but not particularly addicting/intriguing.

I already have some games that I regularly play. These are:

Kitty Solitaire & Sweeper:

I only ever play the solitaire game. I have to say, that on a little iPhone it can be hard on the eyes. Also, you don't have to play it very many times before you realize that the aces and low suit cards will always be in one of the seven piles and never in the cards that you shuffle through.

That's okay, though, because the special feature of this game is that you get to collect cats. In between hands, cats walk into your room and you try to befriend them with toys, treats, etc. When you tame them, you get to "collect" them. This is stupid but fun for me.

This game provides me with a whole new, mess free way to be a crazy cat lady!

I also play Castle Solitaire and Jelly Splash and have recently started Candy Crush and Farm Heroes.

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