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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Thing 15: Infographics


"info.Graphics is all about finding infographics. This is a collection of the newest infographics from all different sorts of categories. You’ll find infographics about education, social media, technology, and just plain silly infographics."

Browsing this is not for me at all. I just don't see the necessity. I can see that an infographic is an eye catching way to display information, but I am not interested in anything on this app and I'm already itching to delete it. Also, it is difficult to read the infographics on my iPhone.

To be fair, I thought that I should try to make an infographic of my own. I thought that this might be difficult to do on my little phone, but I was willing to try. However, when I looked for the app Visualize by Reallusion Inc., I couldn't find it in the app store. I searched under Visualize, Visualize Free, Viz, Reallusion Inc., Visualize infographics and just plain infographics, but nothing came up.

I guess that Thing 15 is just a wash for me.

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