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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Thing 7: Content Saving and Sharing, Pinterest

Pinterest: "Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that turns that traditional list of bookmarks into a bulletin board-type display of photos. You pin to Boards (folders) you create so you can find the pins again. Each photo/pin is a link to the site where you found it. This is great for visual learners or anyone who needs a pictorial reminder of just why you saved that link. Pinterest has many social features to explore, too, but this Thing focuses on the saving/finding features of the mobile app for Pinterest."

I am a mad fiend for Pinterest and I love using it on my iPhone. I use it both personally and professionally. How much do I use it?

Personally, I currently have 137 boards and yes, I am going to bore you with what they are. I am heavily into vintage and antique things and fairy tales. Fair warning.

  1. Aged P's (inspirational senior citizens)
  2. Alice, I Love You (Wonderland related)
  3. Wonderful Animals
  4. Art Deco Glamour
  5. Art Nouveau Jewelry/Hair Ornaments
  6. Art Nouveau Splendor
  7. Arthurian Tales
  8. Arts and Crafts Period
  9. Authors and Other Famous Folk I've Met
  10. Autobiography 1963+
  11. Autumn
  12. Beauties Illustrated (pictures, not photos, of the beautiful, mostly women)
  13. Black Cats, to Thelma
  14. Book Beauty (book covers)
  15. Book Fun (book covers)
  16. Ray Bradbury Tribute
  17. Burlesque Beauties
  18. Buttons and Buckles
  19. C is for Clauser (letter C script)
  20. Carousel Creatures
  21. Chickens
  22. Old-Time Circus
  23. Art Deco Cosy Cottages (illustration)
  24. D is for Donell (letter D script)
  25. Downton Abbey
  26. Dreamy Beauties (Pre-Raphaelitesque photos)
  27. Playing Dress Up
  28. My Faerie Fey
  29. Fairy Gardening
  30. Fairy Princesses (old photos)
  31. Fairy Tales (misc.)
  32. Fairy Tales Around the World
  33. Feedsack Prints
  34. Fabulous Felines
  35. Flowers
  36. Flower Fairies of My Garden (Cicely Mary Barker's illustrations)
  37. Gardening/Cottage Gardening
  38. Girlfriend Looks Like a Boyfriend
  39. Glamour Girls (old photos of famous ladies)
  40. Glamping!
  41. Our Baby Goddaughter, Olive (present ideas)
  42. Halloween Postcards: Finding True Love
  43. Halloween Postcards: Romantic
  44. Vintage Halloween
  45. Vintage Halloween Photos
  46. Vintagey, Shabbyish Home Style
  47. I Like It (misc)
  48. Whimsical Illustration
  49. Jesus
  50. Jewelry
  51. Lovely Lace
  52. Librarians
  53. Sumptuous Lingerie
  54. Lucky Cats (Maneki Neko)
  55. Makeup, Hairstyles, Nails
  56. Mysterious Merfolk
  57. MN Spay/Neuter Rescue Cats (where I volunteer)
  58. Naughty (and vintage)
  59. Interesting People
  60. Peter Pan
  61. Pin Ups
  62. Pin Ups with Pets
  63. Pinocchio
  64. FATshionistas Plus Size Style (group board, not created by me)
  65. Plus Size Style
  66. Pre-Raphaelites and Co.
  67. Prettiest in Pink
  68. Reading Relate
  69. Maurice Sendak: a Tribute
  70. Spring!
  71. Squirrels for Mom
  72. Style Inspiration
  73. Colorful Tara
  74. Tea Party Time (vintage with primarily children and animals)
  75. Terraria
  76. Tricksters (Coyote, Brer Rabbit, etc.)
  77. Trims and Embellishments
  78. My Twin Cities
  79. Valentines
  80. Vintage Children
  81. Vintage Couples
  82. Vintage Gentlemen
  83. Vintage Ladies
  84. Vintage Pets
  85. Winter Holidays
  86. Glorious Victorian (begins boards of vintage fashions)
  87. Edwardian Beauty
  88. Edwardian Beauty 2
  89. Edwardian Underpinnings and Sleepwear
  90. 1920s Style
  91. 1930s Style
  92. 1940s Style
  93. 1950s Style
  94. Vintage Stylemakers (modern folks with vintage flair)
  95. Armless Maiden (begins boards of fairy tale illustrations)
  96. Baba Yaga
  97. Beauty and the Beast
  98. Billy Goats Gruff
  99. Bluebeard and Co.
  100. Boy Who Drew Cats
  101. Bremen Town Musicians
  102. Briar Rose
  103. Brother & Sister
  104. Cinderella
  105. Donkeyskin/Manyfurs
  106. East O' the Sun, West O' the Moon
  107. Emperor's New Clothes
  108. Frog Prince
  109. Goldilocks/Three Bears
  110. Goose Girl
  111. Hansel & Gretel
  112. Jack & the Beanstalk
  113. Jorinda & Joringel
  114. Juniper/Almond Tree
  115. Little Match Girl
  116. Little Mermaid
  117. Little Snow Maiden
  118. Princess & Pea
  119. Puss in Boots
  120. Rapunzel
  121. Red Riding Hood
  122. Red Shoes/Andersen
  123. Rumpelstiltskin
  124. Snow Queen
  125. Snow White
  126. Snow White & Rose Red
  127. Steadfast Tin Soldier
  128. Three Pigs
  129. Thumbelina
  130. Tinderbox
  131. Toads and Diamonds
  132. 12 Dancing Princesses
  133. Wild Swans
  134. Andersen's Fairy Tales Covers
  135. Grimms' Fairy Tales Covers
  136. Oscar Wilde's Fairy Tales
  137. Fairy Tale Faction (group board, not created by me)

You can find these boards here: http://www.pinterest.com/cleery/

And some that have come and gone: Nutcracker, Tribute to Edward Gorey, Compassion, Wardian Cases, etc.

Professionally, I have 29 boards. I use them to share book titles and to save display and programming ideas.

  1. Adult Fiction: Fairy Tale Root
  2. Adult Fiction: Mythological Root
  3. fiftyfifty.me 2013 Books
  4. fiftyfifty.me 2013 Movies
  5. Flannel Boards
  6. Fairy Tale Retellings: Chapter Books
  7. Fairy Tale Retellings: Teen
  8. African Folktales
  9. Australian Aboriginal Tales
  10. Chinese Folktales
  11. Japanese Folktales
  12. Russian Folktales
  13. Kid's Bulletin Boards
  14. Based on Greek/Roman Mythology: Chapter Books
  15. Based on Greek/Roman Mythology: Teens
  16. Kid's Craft Ideas
  17. Kid's Program Ideas
  18. Librarian
  19. Library Decoration
  20. Matryoshka Stories
  21. Pro Reading/Pro Library
  22. Based on Mythology: Chapter Books (Norse, Egyptian, etc.)
  23. Based on Mythology: Teens (Norse, Egyptian, etc.)
  24. Passive Programs
  25. Storytellers (Pueblo Storyteller dolls)
  26. Storytime (activities)
  27. Family Storytime Books
  28. Teen Displays
  29. Teen Program Ideas

Check them out at: http://www.pinterest.com/bookbesotted/

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