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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thing 6: Creating and Editing Docs

Although I can't imagine ever choosing to create or edit a document on the tiny screen of my iPhone, the app that I picked for this thing is CloudOn.

Here is the deal: "CloudOn brings you Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to your device. Sure, there are other apps that do this, too, but this app brings them to the device and they look exactly like they do on your computer, so it’s not hard to figure out how to use them."

 It was easy to download, and I opened up a Word document, but from there I admit I was clueless. I couldn't figure out why my keyboard wasn't coming up.

So, I Googled CloudOn for iPhone and found a helpful little video:


So, umm, you need to open the document in your "desired service," in my case, GoogleDrive. From there you can type and edit as you choose. It seems handy, and I might use it in a pinch, but honestly, my work computer and home laptop would be all I'd need in most cases.

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