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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thing 5: Notetaking

I'm going to have to skip over Thing 4 until I update my iPhone software. However, it looks like I can go ahead with Thing 5.

For this Thing, I'm trying out the Remember the Milk app:

"Make to-do lists for whatever you like with Remember the Milk. Organize and prioritize your lists, add tasks and due dates, search your tasks and notes, and even set up notification reminders via email or text message. Never forget your tasks with Remember the Milk."

You do need to set up an account once you add this app.

I admit that I was attracted to this app over the other choices by the cute cow logo. I also have to say that I have a stupid reason for being interested in a notes app. What frivolous notes do I want to keep? I've been giving up (ongoing process with pitfalls) all fizzy soda drinks and instead drinking lemonade when I really want something more than water. Restaurant lemonade varies widely. My memory of lemonades is unreliable. So, I want to keep notes in my phone of which restaurants have good lemonade and which is vile. The notes app that comes with my phone is even more unreliable then my memory; it eats my notes over time. So.

I pretty quickly learned that Remember the Milk is probably not what I need for my lemonade notes. It is also for a busier person than I am. It looks like you can nicely organize your tasks in detail. I use the calendar on my phone for events and appointments, and the one in my Outlook mail at work for work tasks. My personal life beyond that is just not that hard to manage, and I probably would use this app for my grocery list. Although honestly, I might just as likely write it out on paper.

But notes. I do want to keep some notes that I can refer to. Sometimes I want to jot down the names of my neighbors and their pets, so I can remember them. Or the name of a plant or flower that I want to add to my garden. Or the newest makeup that a magazine says will make me unbelievably beautiful (yes, master...I hear and obey...). So, I'm trying the Springpad app.

"Springpad is a free personal organizer app that lets you save and organize tasks, recipes, notes, movies and more. Save from anywhere, on any device. Springpad even offers suggestions to help you do more based upon what you’ve been saving."
You need to sign up for this app too, but you have the choice of using your Facebook, Twitter or email accounts.

Here are the templates to begin:

I picked quick notes. I really like it. I was able to put in all the silly notes I wanted under my own headings and in different notebooks. You can also have photos that accompany your notes. You can install the "Spring It!" webclipper to save things from the web to your notebooks.  Using this, I saved some birthday ideas for my mother in a new notebook: "Presents for Mom." I think that I will definitely explore Springpad more.

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