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Friday, January 31, 2014

Thing 2: Mobile Device Tips

In this Thing I learned that I have an iPhone 4s and that my family has not updated it to Software 7.04 because there are "too many bugs." This is kind of disappointing, because I want to try out some of the nifty new features, like making Siri pronounce my name correctly (Not Don-nell Clawsir, Da-nell Clowser) or using the live photo filters. Still, being a relative innocent about my phone, there was plenty for me to find out. I did this with my usual mix of frustration and elation.

I learned that my phone can take panoramic photos. This would have been really helpful last summer when I was evaluating Minneapolis gardens for Metroblooms (which was super fun, by the way,  I highly recommend it). I found out how to take a screen shot and add it to my post from my phone:

My Facebook Page

Dealing with Siri went a little less smoothly. For one thing, she had been turned off on my phone. I don't remember doing that, but I must have. It's true that I haven't used her in a really long time. After the childish joy of having something to boss around and ask inappropriate questions died down, I really only used Siri to call phone numbers. My favorite story of my Siri is when I asked her to dial Bagu Sushi and she tried to call Bob Moose. So, when I found out that I could make her understand relationships (if only she understood them as well as my therapist, then I could save some money) , I was eager to try. Her first response was, "I don't know who you are." So I had to load in my info and go from there. Carol, my co worker later teased me about my repeated phrase, "Siri, Kristian Clauser is my husband." But, so he is and now Siri knows it and so I can say, "Siri, call my husband at work" and she knows who to dial.

I have actually already done Thing 3, so here it comes.

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