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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Toes and Feet Storytime

Who Has These Feet? by Laura Hulbert, Illus. by Erik Brooks
(Let's Read About Our Bodies) Feet by Cynthia Klingel and Robert B. Noyed (non-fiction)
Hello Toes! Hello Feet! by Ann Whitford Paul, Illus. by Nadine Bernard Westcott
Harris Finds His Feet by Catherine Rayner
I Feel a Foot! by Maranke Rinck & Martin van der Linden
One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab: a Counting by Feet Book by April Pulley Sayre & Jeff Sayre, Illus. by Randy Cecil
Tippy-Toe Chick, Go! by George Shannon, Illus. by Laura Dronzek
New Socks by Bob Shea
Piggies by Audrey Wood& Don Wood (fingers & toes)

We'll be singing "Everybody Knows That I Love My Toes." Here is an example of the song that I found on Youtube:

We'll also try:

This Old Man (Feet version)

This old man, he has feet,
See him walking down the street,
With a tippy-tap, tippy-tap, watch him go,
Sometimes fast and some…times…slow.

Repeat with:
See him dancing down the street...
See him skipping down the street...
See him marching down the street...

from the trusty Storytime Source Page. I love this site!

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The Library Lady said...

Thank you for the "Everybody Knows" song. It is PERFECT for a program I am going to do this week!