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Monday, May 9, 2011

Pretty Salma by Niki Daly

Pretty Salma: a Little Red Riding Hood Story from Africa by Niki Daly. 2006.

In this Ghanaian version of "Little Red Riding Hood", Salma goes to market for her granny, but takes a shortcut home through the wild side of town. Pretty soon she runs into a stranger, Mr. Dog, who offers to carry her basket. Naturally he is up to no good, and soon talks her out of her hot sandals, ntama overskirt, and other accessories, and heads off to bother granny. Salma is resourceful, though, and finds her grandfather telling Anansi stories to a group of people. They decide to dress in his costumes and scare Mr. Dog away. Look out, you bad dog!

Daly’s humorous pictures add much enjoyment to a reading of his story. The lanky dog in drag, striking a girly pose will make readers laugh, as will the pictures of the devious canine with granny when she realizes that perhaps he is not her little girl after all. The illustrations are done in watercolors and digital media.

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