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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crocodile and Hen

Crocodile and Hen: a Bakongo Folktale by Joan M. Lexau. Illus.by Doug Cushman, 2001.

This illustrated early reader is adapted from the story “Why the Crocodile Does Not Eat the Hen” from Notes on the Folklore of the Fjort by R.E. Dennet. It comes from the Bakongo people of the Republic of the Congo. For days when Hen goes down by the river to look for food, she is spotted by Crocodile, who wants to eat her up. But, everyday, Hen shows no fear and calls Crocodile “Brother.” He is surprised, puzzled and unable to eat Hen. How long will her luck hold out? Cushman’s cute pictures give us the brave gray and white Hen, the fierce looking wide mouth Crocodile and several animal onlookers, such as a bush baby, giraffe and monkey.

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