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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Two cute new picture books!

Dog in Boots by Greg Gormley. Illus. by Roberta Angaramo.

Inspired by the footwear in Puss in Boots, Dog goes to the shoe shop to get two pair for himself. But, he soon learns that such fancy boots are poor for digging. He swaps out pair after pair of shoes until he finds just what he needs. Until he reads Little Red Riding Hood… The adorable pictures of the little brown and white dog and his fashion choices will amuse and please your audience, and for even more fun check out the back end paper of Dog modeling all manner of fairy tale head wear!

I Must Have Bobo! by Eileen Rosenthal. Illus. by Marc Rosenthal.

Willy loves his sock monkey Bobo. Unfortunately, so does Earl the cat. Therefore, the struggle to possess Bobo ensues. The picture book crowd will enjoy this simple story and root for Willy, who does everything with Bobo’s help, or crafty Earl, who just really wants to snuggle with the monkey. Line drawings with touches of bright color allow the expressive characters to take center stage. Rosenthal captures Willy’s moods of wide eyed dismay when Bobo disappears, worry when he and his monkey must walk past a big dog’s yard, and displeasure when he discovers Earl silently making off with Bobo. Earl looks cute and blank-faced. Mostly. His other expressions are hilarious. Just fun.

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