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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Julian Rodriguez: Episode 1, Trash Crisis On Earth by Alexander Stadler

For eight years, First Officer Julian Rodriguez of the Federation has been working undercover as a human boy on planet Earth. He has received deplorable treatment at the hands of his Maternal and Paternal Units, endured State Assessment Tests at his education center and suffered attacks by alien mercenaries Mamie and Doris. His only support comes from the canine Lieutenant Ripley. But the worst trauma comes when the Evilomami demands that Julian...gasp...take out the trash. What can a brave and charming galaxy-wide hero do?

Creative kids should be able to relate to Julian's daily tribulations and grand sacrifices. Everyone should get a chuckle from seeing the life of an eight year old through the eyes of a spaceman as imagined by the child.  The pictures by author Alexander Stadler are lively and expressive, often done in cartoon panels which suit the zippy story. Stadler has also written and illustrated the Beverly Billingsly picture books.

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