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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September fifty.fiftyme Challenge


Working on the fifty.fifty me blog challenge.  Reviews for this post forthcoming!
Majoring in: Japanese Fairy and Folktales
Minoring in: Steinbeck

September  Books Read:
  • Wither by Lauren DeStefano:
 In this Dystopia, due to  tragic scientific tampering and error, people have greatly shortened lifespans. Girls can expect to die at age twenty and guys at twenty five. Sixteen year old Rhine and her twin brother are living alone in Manhattan, taking care of themselves and keeping other desperate orphans out of their home until Rhine is kidnapped to become the potential bride of a rich and sheltered young man in Florida. Polygamy is now standard, and three brides are chosen out of a van load of terrified girls. The unlucky rejected don't make it back to their families and former lives."Fortunate" Rhine is kept with her sister wives in luxurious captivity, expected to spend her last four years being making babies and prettily hanging on her husband's arm at public functions. But, she is courageous and resourceful. Rhine does not plan to meekly accept the life that others have chosen for her, even if it means tangling with her dangerous father-in-law, who is one of the last generation of elders. I enjoyed this story, with its elements of The Handmaid's Tale and "Beauty and the Beast" and rooted for Rhine and her escape. I'll be reading the sequel Fever.
  • Rainbow Bird: An Aboriginal Folktale from Northern Australia by Eric Madden, Illus. by Adrienne Kennaway (Please see blog post)
  • Sun Mother Wakes the World: an Australian Creation Story adapted by Diane Wolkstein, Illus. by Bronwyn Bancroft (Please see blog post)
  • After the Snow by S.D. Crockett
  • P.S. Be Eleven by Rita Williams-Garcia
  • Beautiful Music for Ugly Children by Kirsten Cronn-Mills
September Films watched:
  • The Kings of Summer, 2013:
  • The Way, Way Back, 2013: I really enjoyed this. A teenage guy, Duncan, (Liam James) has to spend part of his summer at his mom's (Toni Colette) new boyfriend's (Steve Carell) cottage, but the boyfriend is a horrible jerk. Duncan is pretty miserable, but fortunately he meets a guy (Sam Rockwell) who gives him a job at a water park and helps with his self esteem. I thought that this was sweet and fun.
  •  Party Girl, 1995:  I wanted to watch this because I'm a librarian, and I heard that the character works in a library. Also because I enjoy Parker Posey. However, it was even sillier than I expected and unfortunately, I found it boring.
Books total: 90
Minus folktales: 53
Movies 28
Major 37/7
Minor 2/3

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