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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Issun Boshi (One-Inch Boy)

Issun Boshi (One-Inch Boy): a Japanese Folktale retold by Nadia Higgins, Illus. by JT Morrow, 2012.

Born from his old mother's thumb, the courageous but tiny Issun Boshi desires to go to Kyoto and serve the kindly Lord Sanjo. He impresses the lord and soon becomes a valuable servant and special companion to the Princess Sanjo. One day, when a pesky Oni appears, Issun Boshi takes out his needle sword and knows just what to do. He wins a magical hammer, which in turn wins him the Princess.

The pictures are a mixture of  half grey scale illustrations and half color. One of the most interesting one shows Issun Boshi waving his needle sword, with the imposing shadow of the Oni falling over him. His small size is also emphasized as he stands in his mother's palm, rows away in a rice bowl and climbs into the Oni's gaping mouth.

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